Saturday, 11 October 2014

The ABC Fugitive: A Cinema Detectives Story

The ABC Fugitive Out Now! The strange disappearance of Ken Prime. Rosa blows it on a case. Sergeant Mirah from the West Midlands Police is critical of the Cinema Detectives – Again! Another strange story of detective struggle from the Cinema Detectives!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Available Now! Cinema Detectives: The Dominus Club

Rosa Pleck is attacked in the Cinema Detectives building while a sinister crime organisation is uncovered. With Rosa hospitalised, Ken Prime must investigate a growing web of intrigue alone, apart from his new contact, Sergeant Mirah of the West Midlands Police. Another great comic mystery from the Cinema Detectives!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Highway of Fear!

Unexpectedly employed by MI5, Rosa doesn't expect her trips along the motorway to be so ordinary.
But when her contact at MI5 is killed in a car crash she finds herself on a dangerous journey – on the Highway of Fear...
Cinema Detectives: The Highway of Fear by Chris Reynolds
Look out for “The Dominus Club” by Chris Reynolds, coming from the Cinema Detectives in November, priced £0.99

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cinema Detectives Omnibus: “Four Original Mysteries…”

This “Cinema Detective Omnibus” contains Four Original Cinema Detectives Adventures; “Beware The Egg”, “Crossroads”, “The Whispering Estate Agent”, and “The Dark Lady”.

In “Beware the Egg” Rosa travels to Sheffield to find a pal's old boyfriend - but she also finds something strange there on the stairs - a giant egg. And what happens when she returns home? Who are those horrible girls from school?

There are four main buildings around the crossroads at Markham Road – but which one hides the killer? The boss of the Gregory Gang plans to leave evidence of a faked death – only dental remains will survive – and he doesn't care who else's remains are found!

Rosa investigates a mysterious property deal on the south coast. Should an old lady invest in something where even the basic details are being kept secret? Just why do the Quebec brothers behave so secretively to investors in their new hospital?

An eager fan group hire the Cinema Detectives to find out the secret identity of their favourite superhero, The Dark Lady. Rosa and her flatmate Anne travel to Highgate in London to investigate. They find a mysterious big house that was once owned by one of the old Apollo 13 astronauts - which seems to be the ideal headquarters for a superhero. They rent the place. It is now their house - so why is the Apollo 13 astronaut hosting one last big party in the grounds?

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Three Legged Man

Three stories from Chris Reynolds. From Mauretania Comics, "The Beginning of Empires"; from Moon Queen and The Bee, "Potatoes! Potatoes! Potatoes!"; and from the Cinema Detectives, "Battle Ground".

Monday, 14 April 2014

Coming soon... "The Third Woman"
The first woman was Kathy Baier, who began to hear strange music from the old cinema next door.
The second was Professor Grisl, administrator of a midlands university who had things to protect.
Then the third woman was Stephanie, who tried to take Rosa's place in the Cinema Detectives.
"The Third Woman" contains three Cinema Detectives stories
Cinema Detectives: The Night Whisperer
Cinema Detectives: The End of Dark Matter
Cinema Detectives: Unrivalled

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Golden Shuttle FREE next weekend Sat 11 & Sun 12 January 2014

Back in his childhood, Monitor remembers lying in the snow, dreaming of a trip to the moon. He explored hidden dream meanings. Now today he embarks on a new Lunar voyage using Apollo and Space Shuttle technology, via the International Space Station and a 'Saturn V Third Stage' lunar base. But then... what's this on the far side of the moon?
A 'Monitor' story from Mauretania Comics.
This story was first printed in Croatian, appearing in "Q Strip" magazine 20/2012 translated by Vjeran Kovljanic.