Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cinema Detectives Stage Plan

Here is the initial idea for the stage plan, audience at the bottom. It represents the projection room at a disused cinema. All the action to take place on this one set.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'New' ebook

'New' Cinema Detectives ebook. Actually, it's quite an old story, written in the early 1980's and finally drawn-up about '86. It appeared in 'Mauretania Comics' and in the Lulu 'Cinema Detectives' book, but this is its first ebook incarnation:
"Comic strip seen through the eyes of weary American detective "Inspector Rockwell". It is apparently just after World War II and Rockwell is baffled by the mysteriously disappearing buildings in his city. The arrival of Rosa Pleck, the English "Cinema Detective" and movie heroine, causes him to become more hopeful. But when Rosa leaves his anxieties about the case start to become more of a general concern about his world."
Coming soon - Cinema Detectives, the play.

New images

Cinema Detectives - new "Street" and "Telephone" images: